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Falcon Group Inc. May 26th Announcements

Blog, News On May 25, 2015

1. “The Falcon Group, Inc. continues to expand their financing portfolio by soliciting mezzanine funding for commercial properties throughout the Southeast. The firm has taken advantage of an influx of opportunities after GE’s announcement that they are no longer providing commercial lending.”

2. “Based on recent success in the medical device field, The Falcon Group, Inc. has taken on a new client providing an innovative and more reliable treatment of brain tumors. This new technology allows a more concentrated form of radiation therapy that has the capability to pinpoint the tumor without damaging the rest of the brain. Falcon is currently fielding interest from several different medical investment groups.”

3. “The Falcon Group, Inc. has continued to grow their influence in the Michigan Real Estate market. The firm is has advised on several transactions throughout several properties in Metro Detroit, and providing consulting services for the sale of a multi-use property in Brighton this June.”

4. “Based on their extensive network, The Falcon Group has taken on a new client looking to grow their commercial lighting business and has already expanded their reach into automotive manufacturing plants.”

5. “Falcon Group, Inc. is considering taking on a large military manufacturer as a new client. Falcon Group would be hired to facilitate the sale of this reputable company that provides military vehicles to the United States.”

6. “Falcon Group, Inc. continues to expand their reach within the medical field. The firm is currently fielding investors for a revolutionary technology that can monitor traumatic cardiac events before they occur.”

7. “Continuing to grow their experience in the real estate segment, Falcon Group, Inc. is currently advising on the sale of one of America’s largest horse estates. The estate, located in Kentucky, has trained several renowned horses including past Kentucky Derby winners.”

8. “The Falcon Group, Inc. is currently exploring new office space in Southeastern Michigan. The firm has continued to grow with new hires and is looking for space that will facilitate that expansion.”

9. “In order to provide global services, The Falcon Group, Inc. is looking to open multiple offices throughout the United States and Europe. The most likely locations for new offices are New York, Miami, Florida and London, England.”

10. “The Falcon Group, Inc. has reconnected with a past client who has developed a new technology for the automotive industry. The technology will provide a faster and cleaner method to paint cars.”

11. “Falcon Group, Inc. is currently facilitating the sale of a Michigan based manufacturing company. The company manufactures a variety of fluid pumps with multiple applications throughout the oil and gas industry.”

12. “The Falcon Group, Inc. is assisting a past client to seek out and acquire automobile dealerships. The firm has already targeted several based on their extensive automotive network.”

13. “Continuing to provide excellent service to past clients, The Falcon Group, Inc. has introduced a strategic investor to provide factoring for a previously funded project within the logistics and transportation sector.”

14. “The Falcon Group, Inc. is currently fielding investor interest for a new safety technology with several applications. The technology includes portable safety mechanisms that can be placed within clothing to prevent harm during crashes and collisions.”

15. “The Falcon Group, Inc. continues to grow their medical device portfolio with a new drug delivery system. This new technology applies aerosol dynamics to the prescription and OTC delivery methods.”

16. “The Falcon Group, Inc. is putting together various clients looking to develop manufacturing plants in the Middle East. The group’s primary goal is to manufacture after-market automotive parts.”

17. “The Falcon Group, Inc. has been in discussions with a past client to develop a new system to assist in repairing planes. The system applies to both the commercial and private sector, and would most likely be based in the Midwest.”

18. “The Falcon Group, Inc. is fielding interest in the acquisition of a Florida-based medical technology company. The client owns several patents for nanotechnologies being applied to basic household cleaning products.”

19. “The Falcon Group, Inc. is assisting a renowned college acquire new facilities throughout the Midwest and East Coast. The college is building on the success of its transportation school and focusing on training new drivers.”

20. “Continuing to grow on several successful investments of the past, The Falcon Group, Inc. is working toward implementing a past client’s mobile transportation technology into trade schools that train new truck drivers. The technology is considered a complete game-changer within the industry and will become the status quo for transportation logistics.”

21. “The Falcon Group, Inc. is in the process of facilitating the sale of a variety of different insurance companies. Although the companies are have different focuses, they are under the same conglomerate and have the ability to be packaged together or sold separately.”

22. “The Falcon Group, Inc. has been contacted by multiple New York private equity firms inquiring about a portfolio of Michigan based properties that Falcon represents. Several properties are medical related or house medical tenants.”

23. “The Falcon Group, Inc. has been contacted by multiple New York investment firms vying to provide a second tranche of funding for a Falcon client. The client has developed a revolutionary mobile technology within the trucking and logistics center, and is looking for approximately $20m in a variety of equity and debt financing.”

24. “The Falcon Group, Inc. is in discussions with another medical device company. The client has developed a wireless EKG technology that can be applied to multiple industries outside of medical.”

25. “The Falcon Group, Inc. has been hired to assist in the sale of a variety of staffing companies. The companies up for sale are several different types of staffing firms, but all under the ownership of one conglomerate.”

26. “The Falcon Group, Inc. has been brought on to target and acquire international logistics companies. The firm is assisting one of the largest logistic companies in the United States that is focusing on finding healthy LTLs.”

27. “The Falcon Group, Inc. is working on the sale of an after market auto-part manufacturer. The Michigan-based company specializes in racks that can be adapted onto the roofs of automobiles.”

28. “The Falcon Group, Inc. is currently targeting a variety of die-cast companies throughout the Midwest. The firm was hired by a past client who is looking to grow their automotive presence.”

29. “The Falcon Group, Inc. continues to find opportunities in new arenas by providing advisory services in the sale of an Ann Arbor based fitness club. The club has experienced serious growth over the past few years and Falcon Group has already fielded interest from several different parties.”

30. “New real estate opportunities continue to be brought to the Falcon Group, Inc. The firm is providing advisory services in both the sale and financing of an Auburn Hills plot that is expected to be developed into a golf course.”

31. “The Falcon Group, Inc. is currently assisting one of the largest Midwest-based staffing companies diversify their portfolio. The Client has asked the Falcon Group, Inc. to find non-automotive related staffing companies.”

32. “Based on an influx of deal flow, the Falcon Group, Inc. has temporarily stopped its involvement in the financing of film and other entertainment projects. The firm has reluctantly been forced to say no to several opportunities as they focus their priorities elsewhere.”

33. “The Falcon Group, Inc. is revamping their Executive Placement division of the company. Although only utilized sparingly over the past few months, new hires have allowed the company to refocus placing several individuals from its extensive networks into companies and situations that prove beneficial for both sides.”

34. “The Falcon Group, Inc. is currently deciding on whether or not to acquire a new business to operate itself. Falcon has been a holding company for other businesses before in the past, and new opportunities continue to come to the firm. The most recent opportunity is a company that focuses on new technology for household products.”

35. “The Falcon Group, Inc. is working toward the financing of a revolutionary medical technology. The company’s representatives are flying in from out of country in order to finalize the first tranche of funding after Memorial Day.”

36. “The Falcon Group, Inc. is in the process of expanding a local, well renowned restaurant into a cross-country franchise. A new partner with experience managing retail chains across the country is developing next-step strategies.”

37. “The Falcon Group, Inc. is currently fielding interest in a Detroit-based trucking school. The location has brought in interest from several government employment incentivization programs as they look to facilitate the training and hiring of new truck drivers in inner cities.”

38. “Falcon Group has been hired by a client who is in search of a deal to sell an adult psychiatric inpatient facility in Warren, Michigan and a behavioral center in Detroit.”

39. “Falcon Group is providing advisory services by a client in the sale of a medical facility. The space is primarily used by a physicians group for urgent care and physical therapy.”

40. “Falcon Group is in the process of consulting with a seller as they try to find a buyer for a state-of-the-art MRI/MRA facility in Madison Heights, Michigan.”

41. “Falcon Group is providing consulting services for a client regarding the sale of a property that is part of a county-owned airport in Waterford, Michigan. The property serves individuals, businesses, and industries.”

42. “A client of ours is fielding potential buyers for a piece of commercial property in Allen Park, Michigan. The space sits on a main road and has multiple uses.

43. “We have a client who is gathering interested buyers in an effort to sell commercial property in Warren, Michigan. The two-story space is also used by businesses.”

44. “Falcon Group is in the process of fielding interest in mid-size hotel in metro-Atlanta, Georgia. The hotel is positioned with a major airport nearby.”

45. “We have a client looking to sell off a 60-acre land parcel. The parcel can be transformed into commercial or residential real estate.”

46. “Falcon Group is working with a client and advising on the sale of a leading full-service outpatient surgical facility in Novi, Mi. The space has operating rooms and is a modern facility.”

47. “Falcon Group has a client expressing interest in selling a company that specializes in mobile MRIs (Magnetic Resonance Imaging). The company’s focus is to provide state-of-the-art imaging with flexible service.”

48. “We are providing advisory services to a client of ours to find a purchaser for a property in Brighton, Michigan that has been zoned for multiple uses and has a very high potential for building.”

49. “Falcon Group would like to announce that we are now in the process of screening candidates for the position of in-house counsel. The firm is looking to add to our team in order to keep up with the increased demand from our clients.”

50. “Falcon Group is gathering submissions for a receptionist position at our Farmington Hills office. We want to add someone to the team who is friendly with clients and has strong organizational skills.”