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Falcon Group Inc. – January 2nd 2015 Announcements

Blog, News On January 02, 2015

David Maciejewski (Mac), C.E.O. of Falcon Group Inc., of Farmington Hills, MI, announce its appointment of Amanda Nsheiwat to assistant to the President. Amanda, who made a major career change, will enhance the growing corporation staff organization.

Falcon Group Inc. has announced a role up with some major staffing companies. David Maciejewski (Mac) , C.E.O. of Falcon Group Inc., stated that the names of the acquisitions will be announced February 3rd, 2015.

David Maciejewski (Mac), C.E.O. of Falcon Group Inc., announced a new relationship with Ghana. Further detailed information to follow in January 2015.

Falcon Group Inc. Chairman announced that Falcon Group is reviewing new suites to help with Falcon Group’s expansion. Southfield and Birmingham are the two locations that have been narrowed down to. The decision to be made by its board by January 2015.

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